Mountain Mush Issue 3 Interview

Interview with a House Cleaner:
In Conversation with Angel Rose Favorite

In late April 2021, Tucker County was fortunate enough to receive a visit from Angel Rose Favorite, a Brooklyn based spiritual guide and channel. During their time here, they investigated disturbances in downtown Thomas, what most would call a haunting. KC sat down with them to talk about what they encountered, their practices, and how people can reckon with tension between spiritual planes.

K: How did you end up coming to work in the Flats this past week?

A: I was already coming to visit Yessi, and then Seth, he was working on the building, and I think the energies there were getting more volatile, and so he asked me if I could come check it out. Specifically, Heather Hannah’s apartment – the guests there were getting more aggressive. She expressed that she wanted to be a good steward. She’s been living with these energies and feels an attachment to them. Some of them, not all of them.

K: Would you call them intelligences?

A: I was calling them entities. I met one that wasn’t human. So you never really know exactly what you’re going to meet. And some energies are thought forms, we manifest these things. So even if they weren’t living in a body, they become real.

K: When you meet these entities, what does that feel like? On what level of the senses is it happening?

A: It really is different every time, but walking through the flats, the density is super thick. And then, usually my throat will start hurting.
When I walked through Heather’s place to meet the more aggressive ones, I was feeling pushed. Never felt that before, really. This particular one was gaining physical power to move objects. But I don’t allow the same emotional transfer with the aggressive entities. I put up a lot of boundaries before I go in. I was not as accepting to experience whatever it was they were wanting to share with me.

K: What do you think were the most important aspects of your work there? Do you feel like there were entities that just wanted to be acknowledged, or wanted to be let out? What techniques did you use?

A: I create a sacred space. I call in the directions, the elements, and just that right there, changes the energy. Now the guides are here, now the Earth is here, now the water is here. The aggressive ones that just want me to fuck off, they’ll try to scare me. They don’t want to listen to me. I work with angels, and I call in Archangel Michael, to bind them in cosmic light, and take them away. I also work with a modality called Theta healing, which is also prayer work. I open up a portal to the 7th plane, and the beings who aren’t supposed to be on Earth just get vacuumed up, in a way. Those ones I don’t have a lot of patience with because they don’t want to talk to me anyways.

K: And summoning Archangel Michael, that’s what you use to expedite them, essentially?

A: That’s my backup plan. If I can’t have a conversation and understand what they need to let go of, or why they’re here, or why they want to engage with me, it’s just OK, sorry. Bye. So on the first day I went in and dealt with those guys. On the second day, it was to help the others relieve their suffering and cut their attachments to
the physical plane. A lot of them feel they’re anchored, and they can’t cut their own chains. I don’t know how true that is, but a lot of it has to do with forgiveness. Stuff they feel is unfinished from their life, like, I wasn’t grieved, or I can’t forgive myself, or I can’t get forgiveness, and it chains them here. I think there’s also the dogmas of religion – maybe they weren’t a very nice person, and they’re afraid of transitioning to the unknown, because they think they’re going to be punished. I’ll tell them I forgive them, but it’s not really my place. I just say, you’re held in love, and where you’re going, you’re going to be received with love. You need to forgive yourself. No one can give you that.

K: Do you work with objects? What do you bring with you?

A: I work with a pendulum, just to be really clear about the answers I need. Since I’ve been working with angels, I do an invocation, and charge sigils with the angels, so I can call them when I need their help. So I have these sigils that I have previously made into a ritual, and they have the power of the angels. I also use crystals, and this trip, pine has been a really big ally for me. When all this is done, and you want to clean the house with herbs, that’s what the pine was for. This time, it was really active as a healer. It was a major part of the ceremonies.

K: One question that’s come up since you’ve been here is about the suggestibility of the human mind. On the one hand it’s important to address what’s happening in that space, but on the other hand, giving something attention, especially if it’s negative, can cause it to grow in power. Either by emboldening the entity itself, or causing people to focus more intensely on what’s happening in the space. Give themselves the creeps, basically. What’s your advice for people who experience these disturbances, and don’t have any training in how to deal with them, or can’t access someone who does? How do people acknowledge what’s happening while still getting on with their lives, and not hyper focus too much?

A: I think that ignoring something doesn’t make it go away. A lot of what got me to where I’m at is working through my fear, and now I’m at a place where I can open the conversation, no matter what’s being shown to me, or trying to scare me, or whatever it is. I can come from a neutral space and ask, what is it you’re trying show me? But some of these things want your fear. That’s what gives them energy. When people tell me they have nightmares, say, creatures attacking them, you need to tell them no. That’s scary. People don’t do that even in their dream space. But you have to tell them to stop, and they will. We give our power away because we’re afraid.

K: You can’t ignore it, but when you address it, you have to be intentional about it. So maybe that’s the difference between giving it more fear to feed off of, and interacting with something constructively. Which would seem like it would involve, even with an aggressive entity, withholding judgment.

A: Yeah, when a spirit is trying to talk me while I’m going to sleep, I have to say, business is closed right now. Office hours are over. Even if you’re being bothered, say, tonight’s not the night, now is not the time. Set boundaries. This is my room, my space. At Heather’s, they built a spirit house on the porch, so all those benevolent spirits who want to stay, can stay there, not in the house. So if you need to stay, though I’d advise against it, you can stay there. That’s your area.

K: Sounds like dealing with the living.

A: One of my teachers always says, you don’t go to battle with evil. If you want a fight, you’re going to get a fight, in any situation. Zero point, unconditional love, and sacred neutral are places where you’re opening up space for what is, and you’re not judging, you’re not fighting. You’re saying, maybe we can work something out here.

K: It sounds like you speak really directly to these things. Business is closed.

A: I’m always interested. It’s like, what’s this message, what’s happening? But sometimes, you don’t want to see disturbing things. And you can say, can you show me that in a different way? They always want something from you, and if it’s not your fear or your energy, they’re trying to communicate something to you. They’re talking to you because you hear them.

K: What’s next for you? Do you have any ongoing projects you’re working on right now? Life has been a slog for a long time now, but it seems like you bring a lot of hope with you where you go. So what are you excited about? What’s giving you hope right now?

A: I spend a lot of time in meditation and connecting with my guides. Everyone’s home and so am I. I’m getting a lot more communications lately, and more clarity. A lot of my guides want to communicate technology with me. They say, build this structure, so you can receive the messages more clearly. I put that into an art practice, so I’ll say I’m an artist as well, but really, I’m just channeling the technology they’re showing me. I’m supposed to build a pyramid, and it might be here.

K: If you want to build a pyramid, I bet there are some people around here who would help you.

A: I think so. I don’t know about bricks and mortar, but that’s the material I see. So they give me a project, and I have to go and learn how to do it. I’m not born with special abilities. I’ve studied. I’ve trained a lot. I’m always searching for what’s next and what’s going to make me more connected. People think we have gifts, which we do, they’re called our senses, but we have to work to cultivate them.